Unbox Success reveres your privacy and does everything in its regard to keep your personal information safe and to use the information provided by the users only to conduct business with the users.

The information we collect from you is for the provision of services. You may be asked to provide personal information including, but not limited to, name, email address, phone numbers, etc. for signing up on our platform. We reserve the right to allow you to sign up using federate authentication i.e. through social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn Google Plus etc.

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Unbox Success holds the right to track the performance of the website by using cookies and other tracking technologies like tags, scripts etc. for better provision of its services. The information collected via cookies includes, but is not limited to, visiting time and visiting frequency, browser history, language, browser preferences, IP address, location etc. All of these are to help provide you a better user experience. The data collected may also be used for generating stats for reports or publications which can be placed online for ensuring transparency. Using cookies allows us to find you suitable ads based on your preferences and search history. You can turn off cookies through browser settings however, it may affect the performance of the website considering some features or parts of the website may not be accessible to you if you disable cookies. Turning off the cookies does not guarantee that there will not be any ads; you may still see generic ads on the website.

There may be third party links embedded on our website which are aimed at helping you find helpful material however, we take no responsibility for the content displayed on those websites. Before redirecting, you are advised to read their legal statements before providing any personal information. Our video gallery is accessible for those who pay the subscription fee, therefore we collect certain information including, but not limited to email address, etc.

The information collected by Unbox Success at any time is kept safe at our secure servers and we reserve the right to produce copies or the data as a backup in case of any unwanted scenario. Information over the internet is not safe however, we do our best to keep your data safe. Your data may still be with us in case you no longer use or services.

We do not disclose, sell or rent your information to any third party however, in case of any fraudulent activity from your side, we are liable to share your details with cybercrime or other relevant law enforcement agencies to keep our users as well as our website safe.

We have tied up with payment gateway(s) like CC Avenue and hence your financial transactions and its data is safe with these companies secure servers. Information of your credit card or payment made by you through other modes does not rest or route through us.