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Refund Policy

Opting to buy 02 video affirmations gives you access to the entire video affirmations library for just $3.33. Agreeing to pay the said amount for gaining access to premium content in accordance with the afore-mentioned terms and conditions, you can hope to turn your life around.

Unbox Success is not liable to refund your amount in any case once you have access to video affirmations after paying $3.33 It is solely your decision to pay for the video affirmations library and you are advised to make up your mind before buying as there will be no refund.

All the afore-mentioned policies are designed to facilitate our website users as we value our clients. These are to prevent you from any fraudulent activity at our platform and we hope that you will take time out to read our legal terms. We would love to hear your feedback regarding the terms stated above. If you think there’s anything missing or needs rectification, let us know at